The team behind the BID

The BID is delivered by the experienced Broadmead management team, which has been instrumental in delivering the transformation of Bristol’s city centre retail area.

Steve Bluff

Steve leads the Broadmead BID team, developing the strategy for the project themes and overseeing their implementation. His primary objective is to deliver value for money to the levy payers. […]

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Sophie McLaughlin

Additional support for all aspects of delivering the BID is provided by Sophie. She is dedicated to helping manage the intensive work programmes funded by the Broadmead BIDs.

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Viv Kennedy

Viv provides digital marketing support to the BID team and has particular responsibility for the Bristol Shopping Quarter website and social media accounts, engaging with retailers and helping them to […]

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Retail Support Ranger

Our Retail Ranger supports the Broadmead BID levy payers in dealing with anti-social issues and crime reduction. Working closely with the Police, they are fully committed to making the BID […]

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