BIDlife: Steve Bluff’s Broadmead BID Blog January 2020

Steve Bluff Broadmead BID blog

So here goes, my first go at writing a “concise and relevant” (Viv, our marketing exec tells me it has to be so) blog in January 2020, some might ask why it’s taken so long!

While it may be a new calendar year, we are already three months into the new BID year, so we are busy analysing what went well and not so well in quarter one and, of course, refining our plans for the next nine months and beyond to maximise the value of what we can deliver on behalf of our levy payers.

Christmas, of course, was our biggest high street event so far and although it seems like that was so last year, I think it’s a worth pointing out that Broadmead held up pretty well versus the national and regional benchmarks in terms of footfall and much of the anecdotal sales evidence from conversations with our retailers has been fairly positive too… yes there will always be winners and losers and business highs and lows, however you definitely won’t find me in the doom and gloom corner foretelling the death of the high street (how does that help anyone?).

What I would say is, all of us in the “customer” industry (yep, that’s most of us) – retailers, suppliers and partners, BID teams, local authorities et al – have to be ready and open to adapt to meet the way people want to shop and interact with our towns and cities. For me, in Broadmead, that also means how do we become a safer, more welcoming, more vibrant, and inclusive place that reaches out to more people from Bristol (there are too many local people who still don’t / won’t come here) and from further afield nationally and globally.

Just this week I had a really interesting catch up with Lawrence Hoo, a Bristol poet, artist and activist and we chatted about some of the things that could help the shopping quarter be a more appealing and connected place for everyone. An insightful and inspirational discussion and I’ll keep you posted on progress in future blogs.

I’ll leave it there for now and look forward to my next go soon.