Bridging the digital skills gap

Businesses are in the midst of another industrial revolution with technology transforming the way we work and how we communicate, but some businesses are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Many small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) simply aren’t equipped with the skills or technology to operate, grow and be productive in a data-driven digital world and are finding it difficult to recruit the tech talent they need to help their business thrive.


So what’s the solution?

For your business to succeed you need to take positive action to equip your workforce with the right skills for your needs.

The West of England Combined Authority is working with partners to help small and medium sized businesses to effectively invest in their employees, adopt new technology and reap the benefits of increased productivity and resilience. The free tailored support is being delivered through the Workforce for the Future programme. Experts will help businesses to understand current and future workforce needs, assess your employees’ skills, identify gaps, and enable you to access the right training and support to upskill or reskill your staff to meet your business goals.

This could include short, online courses for staff, in-depth leadership programmes, or accredited learning and training on digital futureproofing. Throughout the process, your business will have access to targeted skills libraries, a digital talent recruitment pool and a digital business network.

Find out more

To find out more about the Workforce for the Future Programme, contact the West of England Growth Hub, the West of England Combined Authority’s dedicated business support service. The West of England Growth Hub supports businesses throughout Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire.

Workforce for the Future is an £8m programme, co-funded by the West of England Combined Authority and the European Social Fund (ESF). It is delivered by the West of England Combined Authority in collaboration with regional partners.