Clean Air Zone plans – latest update from Bristol Mayor

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has posted a Covid-19 update on the Clean Air Zone plans.
Please read it HERE.

Business West survey results – February 2020

Business West have carried out a Clean Air Zone  (CAZ) Survey. They received over 1,000 responses from across the business community – an amazing response.

The responses have helped provide them with vital views and evidence to help them try to ensure a better designed scheme for Bristol businesses. A summary of the survey results is available HERE.

Business West are using the survey findings to inform their ongoing efforts to make the scheme a better one. On a local level they have been engaging with Bristol City Council to discuss the significant challenges created by the current proposal.

They have already helped secure changes to help:

  • Remove key road routes from the scheme – notably excluding the Portway and Plimsoll Bridge from the zone – in a way that still allows Bristol to rapidly reduce pollution in the worst affected areas of the city centre.
  • Keep Bristol open to visitors under the scheme – including removing the Cabot Circus car park from the zone, making it easier for future visitors to access the city centre.

Business West are also talking to central government to voice their concerns with the current proposal, particularly regarding the absence of a full economic or transport impact assessment and to outline the benefits of a ‘CAZ D’ approach over a full diesel ban.

They still hope to see further changes before the final scheme is produced and are working hard to achieve these. Central government is due to respond to Bristol City Council in the coming weeks about whether they approve of the scheme, and Bristol will then move on to final scheme design. Watch this space.

Mitigation in terms of support for businesses will be essential, Business West are thus currently providing recommendations and evidence to Bristol City Council regarding what needs to be considered as part of the mitigation package for businesses. They want this to include the same level of support for businesses to adapt as other cities, including grants to upgrade vehicle fleets and other forms of support to businesses and individuals to shift to cleaner and greener travel.
Please feel free to contact Business West at to discuss the survey findings or if you have concerns you want to see addressed.


A business friendly alternative – February 2020

Following the survey, please read the press release below from James Durie, Chief Executive of Bristol Chamber & Initiative at Business West:
‘A cleaner, greener and more business friendly alternative to Bristol’s diesel ban’.