Exclusive for BID businesses: self-defence session for women

Introduction to self-defence and situational awareness for women

Working in partnership with the Bristol City Centre BID and the Redcliffe & Temple BID, the Broadmead BID team is delighted to invite you to a brand new Self-Defence class for women on Wednesday 18 May, at 12pm in Queen Square.

Led by a female instructor, the 45 minute session will look at how women make safety decisions everyday, and how they can trust their instincts and call out what they see in front of them. The group will explore using presence, verbal de-escalation and simple physical tactics to escape or re-enforce boundaries as well as how to increase the ability to be allies to others who are subjected misogyny, whilst remaining safe.

This is an exciting event available exclusively for employees of BID levy paying businesses located in Bristol City Centre.

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