How does labour underutilisation impact your business?

Underemployment – or labour underutilisation – is a growing issue in the UK’s labour market. Many people want to work more hours, are not putting their skills to use, or are earning below their potential.

Underemployment has been evidenced to impact staff turnover, retention, employee performance, organisational outcomes, and work behaviours. Employers, employer federations, and trade unions are central to understanding the challenges of, and solutions to, this important labour market issue.

Researchers from the Business Schools at the Universities of Bristol, Nottingham, Salford, and West Scotland are inviting you to discuss the current labour market and economy, particularly in light of recessions, long-term effects of the pandemic and Brexit, and cost of living increases.

They are interested in understanding what labour underutilisation means for the UK labour market and economy, and what the implications are regarding productivity, flexibility, recruitment and retention. Your insights will help build workable responses.

The teams are looking for employers (including but not limited to managers, HR representatives, senior executives, and business owners), employer federations and trade unions to take part in a confidential conversation. They are interested in speaking to representatives from:
• Retail
• Hospitality
• Health and social care sectors
The conversations will be at a time and place, online or in-person, that you choose, and last no longer than an hour.
(Underemployment does not need to be an issue directly impacting your current organisation).

If you are interested in taking part, or would like more information, please contact Levana Magnus at University of Bristol.
Email or call 07824 162175.

Website: The Underemployment Project
Twitter: @ESRCUnderemploy