Metro Mayor Dan Morris visits Broadmead

On Thursday 3 February, Head of BID Vivienne Kennedy welcomed Metro Mayor Dan Norris from the West of England Combined Authority to Broadmead.

They spoke about the challenges facing retailers but focused on the importance of looking forward and embracing change. Vivienne and Dan visited Clothing XChange and Art Club Market, two of the newest stores, great examples of independent businesses bringing something new and different to the area as it evolves to meet the demand of today’s consumers. Clothing XChange promotes sustainable shopping by encouraging customers to exchange their pre-loved designer and good quality clothing and accessories for items pre-loved by others. Art Club Market brings together an eclectic mix of local independent businesses, trading under one roof; individually these businesses may not have been able to make the move to bricks and mortar, but are proving that by working together anything is possible.

Dan Norris said: “Broadmead is bouncing back and Viv Kennedy and the BID team are doing a great job. Shopping centres at the heart of cities matter, they are part of the life blood of communities, and when they are thriving they give people a real sense of pride in our local area. We know there is a cost of living crisis made in Downing Street, and that means people have less money in their pockets to spend but our local efforts are showing Broadmead is resilient and not afraid to try new ideas as we look to the future.”