New FIRST live bus capacity updates

First Bus has launched an update to its mobile app that enables customers across the region to live track not only the location of their next bus but also its available capacity.

The new technology will be rolled out across the UK by First Bus, as the operator continues to develop ways to help customers social distance on board its fleet.

First Bus is the first major bus operator to introduce live capacity tracking. This reduces uncertainty for customers and allows them to make informed decisions about their essential journeys. The app update shows customers a bus icon on a map depicting the live location and available capacity of each vehicle in the vicinity. This new functionality provides customers with the information they need as the bus approaches.

This additional capacity allows customers to travel in comfort and safety as lockdown restrictions are being relaxed, maintaining social distancing guidance at the same time. Seats on each bus are now clearly marked indicating where customers should sit.

First Bus continues to encourage cashless payments, and use of the app to purchase mTickets, to reduce the need for contact between customers and drivers.