New Manager for Bristol BCRP

Bristol’s three BIDs appoint new Manager for Business Crime Reduction Partnership.

The newly appointed manager will continue the award-winning work to protect businesses from crime in Bristol.

Bristol’s three Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) have today announced the appointment of Carmen Ceesay as the new Partnership Manager of the Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP). Bristol City Centre, Redcliffe & Temple and Broadmead BIDs’ latest hire highlights a reaffirmed dedication to addressing crime impacting local businesses and improving safety throughout Bristol.

Founded by Broadmead BID 19 years ago, the BCRP was reformulated in 2019 to include Bristol City Centre BID and in 2021 to include Redcliffe & Temple BID, in an effort to collaboratively address crime and safety concerns across central Bristol. The BCRP has been a vital force in uniting police, businesses and the council to address crime and safety in the city.

The BCRP is a membership-based, business-led action group working alongside Avon & Somerset Police, the BIDs and Bristol City Council to tackle and reduce crime and disorder affecting businesses and the wider community.

The collaboration between BCRP and the BIDs has been pivotal in creating a cohesive approach to crime reduction. Through initiatives like the Disc (Database & Intranet for Safer Communities) system, the partnership has enabled all parties to record and view incidents of anti-social behaviour and crime, share intelligence of known suspects and access summaries of all submitted incidents throughout the areas covered. This system has been crucial in implementing a seamless response to criminal activity and tackling repeat offenders across Bristol.

In addition to the Disc system, the BCRP has linked the radio systems of all BIDs, ensuring seamless communication. This integrated radio network facilitates swift and reliable communication between members, enhancing their ability to support one another and maintain a rapid response to emerging issues. The radios also provide direct contact with the police and connect to an operations centre equipped with 24-hour live CCTV footage, further bolstering the safety infrastructure.

Carmen Ceesay, Bristol BCRP manager, said:
“It’s fantastic to be joining the BID’s as the new BCRP manager and I can’t wait to begin working with businesses, Bristol City Council and Avon and Somerset Police on enhancing the safety and security of our business districts. By leveraging technology and strengthening partnerships within the area, we can continue to make a significant impact on reducing crime whilst supporting our members.”

Vivienne Kennedy, Head of Broadmead BID, said:
“The partnership between the BIDs and BCRP is one that continues to bring a positive change to Bristol. To be able to bring all parties together to create a safer space is something that Broadmead BID are proud to be involved in and we can’t wait to see the direction Carmen’s appointment takes us in.”

Steve Bluff, Head of Redcliffe & Temple BID, said:
“Safety in Bristol is a crucial part of the work and our ethos at the BIDs and ensuring that our businesses and visitors alike feel safe when in our city centre is an initiative we strive to uphold. Our work with the BCRP continues to make sure this is implemented and to a high standard and I’m looking forward to expanding on the work we already do.”

Vicky Lee, Head of Bristol City Centre BID, said:
“We are looking forward to welcoming Carmen to our team, and the partnerships created across the city centre businesses. The BCRP is such a vital part of what we do. The partnership will continue tackling crime across our city and keeping Bristol a safe place for businesses and residents alike.”


To find out more about the BIDs’ BCRP projects, head to the Broadmead BID website and Bristol City Centre BID website

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