A new tree for Nelson Street – April 2022

As part of our work to create a clean and welcoming environment, Broadmead BID has sponsored a new tree, replacing an unsightly stump on Nelson Street. It was planted on Tuesday 12 April 2022.

Rob Bentley and his team from Cotswold Outdoor have kindly agreed to act as tree champions, keeping an eye on the new tree while it becomes established and giving it some extra water if we experience periods of prolonged dry weather (it will otherwise be watered by Bristol City Council once a week). Rob is pictured here with Tom Swithinbank, one of Visit West BIDs’ project managers, who helped arrange the sponsorshop via www.treebristol.com.

Carpinus Betulus Frans Fontaine

The tree is a Hornbeam, described by the RHS as “narrow, columnar deciduous tree, with smooth, grey bark which darkens with age”. The tree can grow to 10m (33ft) high when mature. It bears fresh green leaves in spring and summer, which turn to a rich, golden-yellow in autumn. It can often hold its dead, brown leaves through the winter, before shedding them in spring when it comes into growth once more.