Bristol Crime Reduction Partnership – ongoing

The Broadmead BID is part of the Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP), reaching across three BID areas: the Broadmead BID, the City Centre BID, and Redcliffe & Temple BID. The collaboration brings together the police, businesses and the city council to identify crime issues, collate information and intelligence about criminal activity, and agree response plans.

The aim of the BCRP is to highlight and address the significant crime that affects all local businesses. The scheme improves crime prevention and reduction opportunities through better sharing of information, and by nurturing a better relationship and response from local authorities. 

The key objectives of the BCRP are:
– to develop strong partnerships across the city with the Police and the local authority;
– to unite efforts to reduce crime and the impact of crime for businesses through a robust approach, including exclusion notices;
– to aim to obtain national standards for running an effective BCRP.

As well as representatives from the Police and the local authority, the BCRP includes three separate user groups:
1. Retail Management (comprising representatives from key retailers)
2. Night-time Economy establishments
3. Hotel and Leisure industry

Their role is to inform and update the BCRP Advisory Panel (strategic partners who support the aims and objectives of the BCRP) on key strategic and operational priorities to help reduce crime and its impact.

To deliver this, the BID also invests in the intelligence sharing platform DiSC, which links businesses, the police and the council Operations Centre to share information that helps drive down crime across all business sectors.