BSQ newsletters and competitions – monthly

Every month, the BID sends a Bristol Shopping Quarter newsletter to over 14,700 subscribers. 

The objective is to share news, offers and events, including introduction to new stores; special events; job vacancies; shopping ideas; and key information about other important news.

All Broadmead BID retailers are invited to submit content, including online deals, good news stories, shout-outs for their teams, and any in-person or virtual activities and events they have planned.

We also aim to include a competition to increase the open and click rates. The majority of entrants opt in to receive future emails and many of those also agree to be contacted by our competition partners.

The newsletter is sent out on the first Tuesday of every month, except in January when it is sent out on the second Tuesday. The submission deadline is the 21st of the previous month.

Monthly newsletters from November 2021 to October 2022

  • May, sent out to 14,977 subscribers (achieved a 32% open rate and 9% click rate). Read it HERE
  • April, sent out to 14,767 subscribers (achieved a 33% open rate and 6% click rate). Read it HERE
  • March, sent out to 14,799 subscribers (achieved a 29% open rate and 5% click rate). Read it HERE
  • February, sent out to 14,830 subscribers (achieved a 32% open rate and 10% click rate) Read it HERE
  • January, sent out to 14,760 subscribers. Read it HERE
  • December, sent out to 14,735 subscribers. Read it HERE
  • November, sent out to 14,887 subscribers. Read it HERE