Dementia Friends workshops – March 2020

In March 2020, we teamed up with Bristol Dementia Action Alliance to deliver a series of free Dementia Friends workshops for retailers.

BDAA’s aim is to make Bristol THE Dementia Friendly City in the UK. They want Bristol to be a place where locals, people working in the city and visitors can know they and their loved ones will be treated with respect and courtesy.

The informal, hour-long workshops looked at what dementia is, how its symptoms can be recognised,
and most importantly how the individual can be assisted and helped. Participants were awarded a Dementia Friends lapel badge to wear with pride.

The feedback from these sessions was great, with the comments received including:

“very enlightening and thought-provoking”

“really interesting to find out about how Dementia impacts people – I learnt so much”

“very informative and emotive… understanding where the experiences have come from”

“will help me engage with my grandad 😊”

“thank-you Tony for a useful and thought-provoking session”

“a very interesting insight to Dementia, delivered in a very professional way”


We hope to run further sessions in 2021, once social distancing restrictions have been relaxed.