Festive lighting – November & December 2023

The BID funds festive lighting with attractive light canopies installed on Broadmead West, on The Horsefair (outside Primark), on Merchant Street North and South. The lights will be switched on from 11am-11pm daily from Friday 3 November until the end of the year.

Additionally, there are seasonal tree lights on Union Street and The Horsefair (near Luke and Poundland). Which are switched on when the clocks go back in the autumn until they go forward again in the spring.

The lighting scheme across Broadmead utilises LED lighting fixtures and components, which are incredibly energy efficient and have a longer lifespan that other lighting features used as festive decor. Lights used within trees in the area are also LED and the most energy efficient ones available. One of the huge benefits of these LED lights is their ability to last significantly longer, therefore reducing the need for frequent replacement as well as reduced maintenance costs.

All lights are on a timer so as to reduce the operational hours of the lighting. Due to the energy efficient nature of the festive lights, with the current charging rate, it costs around £1.25 per hour to power the lighting schemes and trees in the Broadmead area.

Sparkx, the company engaged to work with Broadmead BID to provide and install the lights are also energy conscious and during installation and removal of the lights, low emission vehicles are used.

The tree lights will stay installed throughout the year, so we only had to pay a one-off installation charge in 2022 and won’t have any de-rig costs.