NCP shoppers’ parking offers – ongoing

£4.50 for up to four hours

Originally designed to encourage shoppers to visit Bristol Shopping Quarter in the run-up to Christmas, when COVID-19 meant they may not have felt comfortable using public transport due to social distancing requirements, we worked with NCP to introduce a saver ID code, SHOPBRISTOL, that could be used with their ParkPass app to access reduced rate parking – £4.50 for up to four hours. The offer originally ran throughout October, November and December but has since been extended and will continue when non-essential retail reopens following the national lockdown.

Prior to Christmas, the offer, which is valid for all NCP car parks in the city centre, was promoted via the Bristol Shopping Quarter website, social media, newsletter, and the LoyalFree app. Active promotion via these channels will begin again once the national lockdown restrictions are eased, allowing non-essential retail to reopen.

Retailers were also told about the via emails and the Broadmead BID newsletter, as the offer could be used by part time staff. They will be reminded about it once active promotion recommences.

Reduced short-term parking rates for essential shopping and click & collect

During the national lockdown that began in January 2021, the Broadmead BID team worked with NCP to come up with a discounted short-term parking offer for those visiting Bristol Shopping Quarter for essential shopping and click & collect during the national lockdown. The offer will end when non-essential retail is permitted to reopen.

Using NCP’s ParkPass app and the saver ID BROADMEADCLICK, customers will pay just £1 for an hour or £2 for up to two hours. The offer is valid in all six of NCP’s Bristol city centre car parks.

Parking at the reduced rate can also be pre-booked HERE.

This offer is being actively promoted via the Bristol Shopping Quarter website offers page, @BristolShopping on Twitter and Facebook, and through the Bristol Shopping Quarter newsletter.