Retail Support Ranger – 2019/20

Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour remains a top priority for the BID team. It is vital we make continued steps to improve the visitor experience and help levy payers reduce business losses.

We have been delighted with your feedback on how successful Jack, our Retail Support Ranger, has been and the positive impact he is having in helping to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour.

During lockdown, we continued to support our levy payers with the ranger service and provided daily patrols to report on operational issues and risks, and as we moved into June when many more stores re-opened, we increased the ranger support hours to deal with the potential uplift in crime and anti-social behaviour, and the early compliance issues around social distancing.

During 2019/20, our retail support ranger assisted with more than 700 deters or arrests and helped recover stock worth over £17,000.