Springboard footfall data

As one of our ongoing Business Support projects, we closely monitor data produced by Springboard using footfall counters located within Broadmead. There is one above Mountain Warehouse on Broadmead East and in February 2020, a second was installed on Pret on the corner of Broadmead West and Union Street.

A daily report is sent out by email each morning, please email viv@broadmeadbid.co.uk if you would like to receive it, with weekly and monthly reports added to the Footfall page on this website as soon as we receive them.

The reports allow us to see the footfall per hour and to compare the figures to any previous period, most commonly week on week and year on year. We can add events (including promotional campaigns, weather, and lockdowns) to a calendar, making it easier to see how they affect footfall.

We can also see how Broadmead is performing compared to high streets in the region and across the UK.