Put security at the top of your list

Be Aware, Not Alarmed and Always remain vigilant 

We all have a role to play in reducing the threat of terrorism in Bristol.

Officers from the Counter Terrorism Policing are asking everyone to be the extra eyes and ears of the police and work together to tackle terrorism to help keep crowded places safe. They are calling on the public and those who work in our busy towns and cities to remain vigilant and report any concerns to staff, security or – in confidence – to the police.

How to report suspicious activity 
• Emergency, dial 999
• Contact the police on 0800 789 321
• Online – click here

Experts from Counter Terrorism Policing are asking retailers to think about their contingency plans and to draw up a sixty second security plan, which has the power to improve their reaction to emergencies.
To evacuate your building quickly and efficiently, please always be aware of :
1. your meeting point in case of an emergency
2. which team members are in your building

Please consider sharing the Counter Terrorism advice with your staff: www.act.campaign.gov.uk.
Additionally, all staff working in crowded places (not just those who have a security role) can follow the FREE ACT Awareness e-learning course and be in a stronger position to help protect themselves, colleagues and the public.