Review of 2020 retail footfall

The BID funds the footfall data provided by Springboard from cameras located in Broadmead and Union Street.

The Springboard annual review of 2020 looks back at the performance of retail throughout 2020, encompassing key trends in footfall, store sales, store capture rates, consumer confidence and online shopping over the year from January to December.

The repeated shocks to retail throughout the year due to theĀ  global Covid19 pandemic, ranging from lockdowns to the reopening of retail to further lockdowns, means that Springboard have reviewed the year both as a whole and using time six periods that are defined by Covid events.

Read the Springboard-2020 Footfall Review now

Weekly and monthly footfall reports are published on the BID website and levy payers can also subscribe to receive a free daily footfall report. Email us if you are interested.