The Broadmead BID has partnered with the loyalty app LoyalFree to provide free advertising to all businesses located within Bristol Shopping Quarter and reward customers for shopping in the area.

The LoyalFree app is used to find local deals, loyalty schemes, events and trails straight from your smartphone. It also showcases other useful local information such as parking details. The LoyalFree app can also be used across the UK in 15 other towns and cities.

Retailers featured on the app benefit from:
• Advertising of their offers and events to locals and visitors, with the option to run a ‘loyalty stamp’ scheme
• Customer insights through a live dashboard
• Click-throughs to their website, social media, reviews and more
• Featuring in local LoyalFree trails on the app (e.g. Vegan, Family Friendly, Best Independents…)

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To get involved:
Simply let the LoyalFree team know your offer by emailing info@loyalfree.co.uk in the following format:
1. Business name
2. Offer / loyalty scheme
3. T&Cs

Once the LoyalFree has created your profile, you can log-in and make any changes you like. You can have various types of exclusive offers or loyalty schemes, and any terms and conditions to suit your needs.

Shortly after you sign up, you will receive some marketing materials to display in store and staff training on how the app works.
Your offers will also be promoted through local social media, events, billboards, press and competitions.