Vehicular Access

Broadmead is a pedestrianised area and cannot be accessed by vehicles between 8am – 6pm.  This means that there is no access to shops on Broadmead or Merchant Street during this time period.

When can I access the pedestrianised area with a vehicle?
The bollards are removed by Bristol City Council between 5am – 8am, and 6pm – 8pm, every day including Sunday.  All deliveries must be made during these times and all vehicles must be removed from site by 8am or 8pm each day.

How can I access the pedestrianised area?
Access on to the pedestrianised area is from The Horsefair on to Merchant Street (turn right near Starbucks); vehicles must exit the area via the opposite end of Merchant Street, between The Gym and Santander.

How can I arrange access out of hours?
It is possible to arrange for vehicles to stay in Broadmead later than 8pm for shop fitting works, and a charge of £25 (as at 1 July 2024) is made by Bristol City Council to remove the bollards.  If you need to arrange a later release time, please call the Bristol City Council office directly on 0117 903 1550 or 07770 965 220, or email to book in advance.