Would you like to take part in ‘Work from your local’?

The campaign ‘Work from your local’ is asking people to work one day a week from their local.

More than 160 venues from around the UK have already signed up, offering up workspace in return for purchase of food, drinks and hospitality. With vast numbers of remote workers reporting feelings of loneliness, isolation, and fears for the economy, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the campaign.

How does it work?

● Venues such as pubs, cafes and community spaces add themselves to the ‘Work from your local’ map, stating their requirements for working there (eg. a minimum spend, a flat fee etc). It’s free to register and venues keep all income generated.

● People use the map to find a venue to work from, taking note of the requirements for doing so, and off to work they go.

Despite it not being possible to work from venues until 17 May, ‘Work from your local’ are working hard to get as many venues on the map as possible before this date. If you run a venue and would like to accommodate remote workers from 17 May, email them at hello@workfromyourlocal.uk, or fill in the registration form on www.workfromyourlocal.uk.